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… And me old mate Pappsy is in the cast!

Stephen Papps Play Blowing It - Yes indeed folks, old friend and flat mate Steve Papps is playing the role of Jules. This is the latest of a long succession of plays of mine that Steve has performed in. It started with Ladies Night … or it might have been the sequel … at the Centrepoint in Palmerston North back in the early nineties. He did a stand-up routine in that show too, as cross dressing Gavin, MC for our stripteasing heroes. Then came the one man show Blowing It, which we co-wrote and I directed. Pappsy took that all round the world. We even garnered a five star revue at the Edinburgh fringe in the early 2000s.

Success is essentially a naturalistic comedy-drama featuring five stand-up routines. So with so much experience in stand-up and monologues to the audience, he’s perfect for this play. Not to mention the fact that he’s embarking on a career as a comedian. Along with Jeremy and John, the other two actors, he’s taking my draft versions of the routines and making them his own. Stand-up is 80 – 90% performance, so the material has to be assimilated and adapted by the actor until they’re completely comfortable with it … just as long as it’s consistent with character and dramatic situation.

It’s been a while since we worked together. The last project was the feature film Russian Snark, which I wrote and directed and which starred Pappsy. He’s a great actor and comedian, as are John and Jeremy … rehearsals are going to be a blast!

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