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It's Been A Busy Old Year...

… during which I co-produced three of my plays and directed two! ‘Twas nice to end with a bang – in the form of a sell-out season of our comedy musical Love Me Tinder. In fact it’s not over yet, we’re putting on four more shows next month.

As for 2018, we’re planning another season of Love Me Tinder (why deny the public a show that they actually want to see!). But I’ll be starting the year in the wintry wilds of the Cotswolds, doing research for a novel set in late Roman Britain. Normally I would never go to the UK in January, but my story takes place during the Barbarian Conspiracy of 367AD, an invasion by the Scots, Irish and Saxons which happened in the dead of winter. So I’m travelling there to take in the look and smell and feel of the place, go for some walks in lonely spots like the New Forest and Dartmoor, maybe endure mild hypothermia and the on-set of frostbite to make it a fully emersive experience!

Then home to finish the book, and work on a couple of film projects. I wish I could say the coming year will bring high adventure – abseiling in the Auckland Islands, trekking across the Nullarbor in bare feet … but it’s going to be the usual: reading, writing and walking the dog.

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