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Carl, Jules and Derek are stand up comedians. Starting out in Auckland, they shared dreams, ideas, and a flat, convinced they were changing the world with every laugh they could elicit.

And then Carl went and did something stupid.

He moved to America, and made it big.

Now, ten years later, he’s back; and this time it’s because he’s possibly done something even more unforgivable.

Under siege from the media, these three men will have to confront their pasts, their resentments, their friendship (or what’s left of it), and the ramifications of success.

Success explores themes of betrayal, plagiarism, the tall-poppy syndrome, and the price of fame. A mix of drama, standup comedy and theatrical commentary, it takes an all-too-believable premise and turns it into a black comedy about jealousy, redemption and the depredations of a life on the stage – and on the road.

“… hilariously funny and very moving …” Dominion Post, June 2015.

“It is a brave conceit, delivered perfectly. Overall, Success is an exceptional serio-comic piece, with a wit and heart that turns would could have been a simple gimmick into something both profound and hilarious.” Theatre Scenes, July 2015

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