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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Insomniacs is a play about five people who can’t get to sleep.

Nancy is an obsessive compulsive who stays up all night cleaning her already immaculate flat. Lorna stopped sleeping the night her husband walked out on her … thirty years ago. Ralph has turned to porn to alleviate his depression and low self esteem, but Tiffany and Cheyenne and Samantha just aren’t doing it for him any more. Lee is a P-dealer and addict who can solve every problem with his fist … except his insomnia. Viv the artist doesn’t have time to sleep, he’s destined for greatness … if only his paintings didn’t keep vanishing at the end of the night.

A comedy-drama about loneliness and despair and obsession, Insomniacs follows the fortunes of our characters through three days and four sleepless nights, as they toss, turn, fret … and invade each other’s waking nightmares.

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